‘Phasmophobia’ update lets players hunt eggs alongside ghosts

Just don't forget about the vengeful spirits

Kinetic Games has released a new update for Phasmophobia that adds seasonal treats hidden around its haunted maps.

Now that Easter has arrived, players can jump into Phasmophobia to hunt down decorated eggs, according to the patch notes. If players can collect all of the eggs on the map, they will be able to restore all of their teammates’ sanity to 100 per cent.

The eggs are hidden around all of Phasmophobia’s locations, and an indicator has been added to the truck that lets players check how many are left. The event will last until April 19.


The update has also included several bug fixes, such as improvements to CCTV brightness in night vision mode on the prison map. The basement lights in Ridgeview have been fixed, and hold positions have been updated to align items with VR player controllers more accurately.

Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia recently received an update to overhaul its VR mode. While the game was released with fully-featured VR support, a few quality of life and modernisation improvements were added. The update included a seated mode to allow players to enjoy the VR version while they are seated, a snap turn to allow for in-game turning without real-world movement, as well as a crouch button.

The update also added a left-handed mode and a height calibration tool. The players’ equipment belt has been improved to highlight placement location when storing items. Throwing items in VR should be more intuitive now, and a new walking animation was added for players in VR.

In other news, Soulslike RPG Steelrising will release later this year. Developer Spiders released a new five-minute trailer showing an alternate history setting. Players will take control of an automaton during the French revolution.

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