Platinum Games defends new ‘Bayonetta’ voice actor Jennifer Hale

"We give our full support to Jennifer Hale as the new Bayonetta, and align with everything in her statement"

Platinum Games has released a statement in support of Bayonetta‘s new voice actor Jennifer Hale amid the ongoing pay controversy.

Following the voice actor pay allegations from original Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor, Platinum Games has finally spoken up about the issue, defending Jennifer Hale and her statement.

“We give our full support to Jennifer Hale as the new Bayonetta, and align with everything in her statement,” Platinum Games said. “We ask people to please refrain from any further comments that would disrespect Jennifer or any of the other contributors to the series.”


The statement the developer is referring to was shared by Hale following the allegations from Taylor where she explained that she couldn’t speak about the issue due to a non-disclosure agreement.

The developer also says that it is appreciative to everyone involved in creating the Bayonetta series over the years, most likely referring to Taylor’s work.

The situation began on October 15 when Hellena Taylor shared a statement saying that after she successfully re-auditioned for the role of Bayonetta in the upcoming sequel, she was offered an “insulting” fee of just over £3,500 ($4,000). She then asked fans to boycott Bayonetta 3 instead of spending money on the game.

However, a recent Bloomberg story reported that Taylor’s claims were incorrect. Two sources close to the project said that Taylor was offered $3,000 to $4,000 for at least five sessions of four hours each. This would’ve equated to around £13,320 ($15,000). Taylor has responded by saying that these new claims are “an absolute lie” and that Platinum is trying to save face.

Hale also went on to share Twitter posts supporting what was sourced in the Bloomberg report. Platinum still has yet to fully address Taylor’s claims.


In other news, Resident Evil 4 Remake will be the same length as the original.

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