PlatinumGames developer says scope of ‘Project GG’ has “expanded greatly”

'Project GG' may also turn up at next year's Summer Game Fest or E3

Project GG director Hideki Kamiya has shared a few more details about the upcoming PlatinumGames title. 

When asked about Project GG in an interview with Famitsu, Kamitya shared that PlatinumGames co-founder Atsushi Inaba told him that “PlatinumGames will make this kind of game from now on.”

“In response to that idea, I expanded it to the current large-scale projects,” shared Kamitya. This seems to tie into Inaba’s statement from earlier this year, which claimed the company would pivot to creating live service titles.


Project GG. Credit: PlatinumGames

Kamiya added that “personally, I didn’t expect [Project GG] to be a game like this”, suggesting the idea has changed significantly from its original concept.

Kamiya mentioned that Project GG will have a core feature that’s distinct to it, akin to Bayonetta’s Witch Time and The Wonderful 101’s Unite Morph, although the project as a whole won’t be in the same vein as those games. “If it had been produced as it was, it would probably have been produced as a pure action game as before. However, with Inaba’s ambitions riding on it, the game expanded greatly”.

Kamiya notes that this expansion in scale has suited Project GG, and refers back to the game’s 2020 teaser trailer which showcases a giant superhero getting ready to face off against a kaiju.

Takao Yamane, the new vice president of PlatinumGames, teased that the game could be making a Los Angeles appearance next June, indicating either a Summer Game Fest or E3 reveal, although this wasn’t directly confirmed by Kamiya.


In other news, PlatinumGames is also working on several other unannounced projects, as well as a brand new IP.