PlatinumGames is working on several unannounced projects

This includes a new IP

PlatinumGames has revealed that it’s currently working on “a few other unannounced titles” with different publishers. 

This comes from a new lengthy interview with popular Japanese publication Famitsu, with PlatinumGames president Atsushi Inaba, and vice presidents Hideki Kamiya and Takao Yamane.

Bayonetta 3. Credit: PlatinumGames


Inaba revealed that “There are a few other unreleased titles, some of which are on the brink of production, and some of which are still in their infancy”, but notes that the developer can’t give away any specifics, as it’s up to the publishing partners. Additionally, Inaba states the company is working on another brand new IP alongside the previously announced Project GG.

In regards to the upcoming Bayonetta 3, Project GG, and the new IP, Inaba described them all as being “large-scale projects”. Inaba also expresses an interest in increasing the company size, which currently sits at just shy of 300 employees, to accommodate all of the new projects, with a future goal being 1,000 employees. However, both he and Kamiya agree that it’s an ambitious number.

Inaba also mentions that this could lead to more studios outside of Osaka and Tokyo, with Hakata and Sapporo being mentioned as potential locations.

Currently, PlatinumGames’ next title slated for release is Bayonetta 3, which will launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 28, almost five years after its initial teaser trailer. The release date announcement also came with a new substantial trailer showing over three minutes of in-game footage, including the first look at the new playable character Viola

The latest title to come from PlatinumGames was this year’s critically panned Babylon’s Fall, which also failed to gain traction with players, falling to one concurrent player on Steam just two months after its launch. Despite this, Platinum and Square Enix are seemingly still committed to the game, with the game’s second season being extended by three months.


In other news, the recent Overwatch 2 beta seems to have left fans with a cryptic clue for the next hero.