Playdate handheld price and details announced along with E3 adjacent stream

*slaps handheld* this bad boy can fit so many indie games in it

The Playdate handheld system will have a stream filled with information and games next week on June 8 at 9am PDT (5pm BST), the consoles twitter account has revealed.

The system’s final price has been confirmed in the same thread as $179 (USA), and it will have double the originally intended internal storage at 4GB.

Developer Panic is known for publishing Untitled Goose Game and Firewatch, and the portable console will have 24 original video games that come to it over time.


Playdate’s website reads: “Some are short, some long, some are experimental, some traditional.”

The UK price is yet to be announced, but it will include all the fees. The Playdate’s official twitter account said: “It’ll be shipped and sold from the USA, so our USA price. But, one note: we will make pre-pay any duties and taxes as part of the shipping total to the UK, so there are no importing surprises.”

At this point they aren’t big enough to have proper UK distribution, but it is something they hope to be able to do in future, depending on how well they sell from the USA. Pre-orders will also not be starting immediately after the livestream on June 8, as they added: “we’ll give you plenty of warning before it’s go time.”

More seasons for games and exactly how each season will work are details that the website says will be adjusted according to interest and feedback. Panic does confirm however that once you have the games, you keep them.


The Playdate stream also promises to have info on some of these games, as right now there is no information in regards to what Season One will feature. The post also promises some surprises and more when it goes live next week.

In other news, a group of ex-Riot Games developers announced Palia, a brand new community focussed MMO.

Players will be tasked with forging “a future for yourself and humanity” after humans, who have been missing for thousands of years, start mysteriously popping back up.

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