PlayStation Now August lineup adds ‘Nier: Automata’, ‘Undertale’ and more

Swords, swords and dogs

The August lineup for PlayStation Now has been announced, and includes three significantly popular games for users of the service to enjoy on both PlayStation and PC.

Sony has announced that Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner and Undertale will be available to PlayStation Now users starting from tomorrow.

Describing the additions as “an eclectic mix of compelling titles”, the announcement blog goes on to share further details on each game.


Nier: Automata is an open-world action RPG where players control android 2B as she fights off a horde of machine invaders. Created by PlatinumGames, Nier: Automata offers “mesmerizing, high-speed combat” and we recently listed it as one of the best role-playing games you can play in 2021.

The second game added in the lineup, Undertale, offers a completely different take on the RPG genre. The 2D game is about a human falling underground “into the world of monsters” and searching for a way out, with the ability to do so entirely non-violently. The game has received significant praise for its soundtrack, meaningful choice-lead gameplay and the fact that it was created almost entirely as a one-man project.

Finally, Ghostrunner is a fast-paced, futuristic game where one hit is all it takes to kill or be killed. To complete Ghostrunner, players must “slice your enemies with a monomolecular katana, dodge bullets with your superhuman reflexes, and employ a variety of specialized techniques”.

While there’s no news on how long Undertale and Ghostrunner will remain available on PlayStation Now, the blog clarifies that Nier: Automata will only be available until November 1, 2021.

In other news, the next Rainbow Six Siege game mode – titled Nest Destruction – will bring even more alien life to servers tomorrow.


The PvP game mode will allow one team of players to try and wipe out parasite nests, while the other team must play as humanoid Proteans and defend their objectives.