PlayStation Vita EU users cannot download their games

A long series of disappointments

An error with the PlayStation Vita store front has been preventing users from the EU region from purchasing or downloading their games for at least three days.

Following Sony‘s decision to cease users from purchasing PlayStation 3 or Vita content via means other than by using prepaid credit on the in-console store, Vita players have now been reporting that PlayStation Vita Store is not working in the EU region or Australia. U.K. users were also facing issues with search and download functions earlier this week, but they seem now to have been resolved.

Players who have reported the issue to Sony have received the following notice:


“We’re not aware of any systemic issues with the PS Vita Store but will investigate further.”

The issue has been ongoing since November 9. Other regions such as North America appear to have been unaffected.

As Sony pulls back on PlayStation Vita functionality, it recently lost its trademark in the EU for Vita when referring to film or audio playback. Sony only retains the name in regards to video games. Developers for Sony’s handheld had their last opportunity to publish games digitally on the system this July.

Vita users are understandably concerned as Sony has been slowly removing support for their portable console. After several months of servers for the LittleBigPlanet series being unavailable, in September the official twitter announced that it would not be restoring online functionality to the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3 services.

Digital releases have now ceased, with final physical games for the PlayStation Vita are supposedly coming out by the end of 2021.


In other news, PC users still do not have access to their purchase of GTA: The Trilogy despite the service to Rockstar Games Launcher being reinstated. Dataminers have been exploring the code and discovered hidden music tracks and the ‘Hot Coffee’ mini-game, which Rockstar must now remove.

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