‘Pokémon Go’ developer Niantic announces ‘Transformers’ AR mobile game

Ready to rock and rollout later this year

Niantic has announced Transformers: Heavy Metal, a new augmented reality game developed by Seattle-based Very Very Spaceship.

Using Niantic’s augmented reality toolset Lightship, Transformers: Heavy Metal is set to be soft-launched in various regions before a worldwide release later this year.


Talking with Bloomberg, Niantic CEO John Hanke said that “for us, giant robots walking around the real world is just too good to pass up.”

“This isn’t battle on a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away,” Hanke continued. “It’s about giant robots coming to Earth and having battles in the middle of Los Angeles”.

The feature has a screenshot from a test version showing Bumble battling with Shadow Striker. Though they’re shown against a static background, later versions will use a player’s real-world surroundings.

Also shown is some concept art of fan-favorite Autobot hero Bumblebee. His appearance is a mix of the classic Generation 1 look and the more detailed design seen in the Michael Bay movies.

Players can join the Guardian Network via the website for updates about Transformers: Heavy Metal, game announcements, and release dates.

Niantic is also currently testing an AR adaptation of Nintendo’s Pikmin and board game Settlers of Catan. Both are expected to go on general release later this year.


Elsewhere, Nintendo accidentally revealed Mario + Rabbids sequel Sparks of Hope on its website before its announcement in Ubisoft’s E3 presentation. This came after a Reddit post leaked its existence and name.

Nintendo will be streaming their E3 2021 presentation on June 15 at 5pm BST, 9am PT, and 12pm EST on their official website, Twitch, and YouTube Channels.

Running for 40 minutes, Nintendo has confirmed it’ll be focusing exclusively on Nintendo Switch software due in 2021.

There are a handful of announcement streams left to go – including Nintendo and Capcom – keep an eye on NME’s E3 Hub for the latest information, rumours, and announcements.

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