‘Pokémon Go’ to show possible Egg content and rarity before hatching

It comes following some pressure from online groups

Pokémon Go will be trialing a new system in which the potential content of Eggs may be shown to users before they hatch.

According to a tweet from Niantic, this feature will only be available to a “limited number of Trainers”, which suggests it is still in the testing phase and will not yet be rolled out.


Trainers can see the potential result of incubating an Egg by tapping on it. They will then be presented with a tier system, although no official key to understanding it has been released as of yet. The tier list does not feature probability or percentages, but the introduction does confirm that some base Pokémon are rarer than others.

Niantic has recently faced considerable pressure from Pokémon Go fans on Reddit’s The Silph Road to be more transparent with its ‘loot box style’ eggs, when research published by fans showed hatch-rates. The research suggested that some rare Pokémon had only a one per cent chance of hatching from an incubated egg, despite in-game advertisements that eventually disappointed fans.

Fans of Pokémon have also recently finished a group project to redraw the whole of the Johto map from the second generation of the games.

The project brings together a group of pixel artists to recreate the map of the Johto region, which featured in Gold And Silver. The artists were able to take liberties with the designs of areas, and add more detail than was possible before.

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