‘Pokémon Go’ silently removes items and players aren’t happy

“What is with Niantic just removing/changing stuff without telling us?”

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has been removing and changing content in-game for some time now, and players are beginning to vocalise their need for more direct communication.

From removing free Remote Raid passes to special events that left the Pokémon Go community feeling disappointed, many feel that Niantic hasn’t been hitting player expectations. Now the fanbase has spoken out, after One Coin Boxes were removed from the game without warning (via Dexerto).

In a post on The Silph Road subreddit, one user claimed that a free box with 30 Ultra Balls, which used to roll around every community day in Pokémon Go, “just disappeared” and that Niantic gave “no explanation”.


They went to say that the One Coin Boxes were also removed from the game without notice, and “just vanished” before commenting that the price of Remote Raid bundles changing was also disappointing, although this “was expected”.

“Did Niantic tell us but I missed it?” the user asks, “Or do they actually not care?”

Pokemon Go
Pokémon Go. Credit: Niantic

The replies in the thread generally voice agreement with the original poster, with one user saying they believe Niantic has created “such a bad relationship over the years with poor communication,” going on to accuse the developer of being “a deeply dysfunctional company.”

Other players seem upset with the inconsistency of the contents of purchasable boxes, saying that due to price changes, some boxes contain “less than half the product” for a more expensive price.

It’s not the first time the player base has slammed Niantic for its decisions regaridng Pokémon Go, with players being worried about potentially intrusive in-game ads, as well as the developer upsetting players by deleting Pokéstops and Gyms without notice.


In other news, 1047 Games has announced that it is ending development on Splitgate to focus on a new game set in the Splitgate universe.

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