‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’ just got a wiggly new addition

Wiglett is distantly related to the series’ original Diglett

The Pokemon Company has been sharing more details on the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games today (September 28) via a webinar during which they introduced another new Pokémon to the series’ ranks.

Wiglett is distantly related to the first-generation Pokémon Diglett, and the similarities are plain to see. They both have a wide, red nose and small, black eyes, as well as being simple in shape with rounded heads. However, it has been confirmed that Wiglett, who seems to be found at the beach, is an entirely new Pokémon rather than a Paldean form of Diglett.

The new Pokémon, which can be seen on the World Pokémon Ecological Society website, is white in colour and will arrive when the games launch on November 18.


The webinar, which is actually pre-recorded, shares that rare videos of Pokémon in the Paldean region, the region of the new Scarlet and Violet instalments in the franchise, shows a variety of Pokémon in the wild.

The snake-like Seviper is seen battling Zangoose initially, showing off some of its moves such as a useful dodge. We’re not given information on who wins the battle as the webinar swiftly moves on to a survey. The answers are all in Japanese, but it seems to suggest choosing which video comes next.

The world’s olive orchards, known for their dry climate, are shown next with Diglett burrowing around and moving to the shade before the webinar moves swiftly onto the wetlands which feature the new Paldean Wooper as well as Psyduck. Paldean Wooper prefers to live on land, covering its body with a poisonous film to protect itself from enemies.

Another video shows a forest clip with grass and bug-type Pokémon inhabiting it. Greedent is shown enjoying a meal, and someone in the webinar notes that it is inattentive, and can stuff its cheeks with many berries. Another Pokémon, Applin, is shown on a tree. It’s noted that it usually lives inside apples, and matures by feeding on the apple’s flesh.

The final video reveals Wiglett by panning in on the beach to show the new species. One webinar member notes that the Pokémon does resemble Diglett and asks whether it is a regional variant, but someone else suggests it is an evolution of Diglett’s. The narrator of the webinar says that the notes are cut off which limits the information they hold about Wiglett, but that they live and eat differently to Diglett – meaning they’re entirely different Pokémon and it’s just a coincidence that they both live and burrow underground.


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