‘Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’’s Greavard will love you to death

This very good boy will shatter your bones

Just in time for Halloween, The Pokémon Company has unveiled a new ghost type appearing in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – a ghost dog called Greavard.

Greavard, who was first teased in a mysterious stream on the official Pokémon YouTube channel yesterday (October 24) has now been revealed in full in its own trailer.

Greavard could easily be mistaken for fellow ghost-type Litwick when it buries itself underground, and has a habit of jumping out of the ground and scaring people. However, all it craves is friendship, and indeed Greavard is apparently known to be especially easy to befriend.


So far so adorable. But of course, it wouldn’t be a ghost-type Pokémon without some deeply upsetting Pokédex lore. While Greavard is so affectionate that it will follow players wherever they go if given attention, it will “slowly and inadvertently absorb the life-force of those around it.”

If that isn’t upsetting enough, Greavard has been added to the official Pokémon Scarlet and Violet website, where you can find the delightful tidbit that the adorable mutt can shatter bones with its powerful jaws.

Greavard is just the latest Pokémon to be revealed ahead of the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for the Nintendo Switch on November 18. Earlier this month we got a look at the significantly less terrifying Bellibolt, an easy-going electric type.

Scarlet and Violet are just a few weeks away – But if you really can’t wait, The Pokémon Company recently released a 14 minute trailer showcasing many of the game’s new mechanics, as well as offering a look at the new Paldea region.

In other gaming news, Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is also getting in on the Halloween fun, with a new DLC and a planned free to play weekend starting on October 28.