‘Pokémon’-style game ‘Coromon’ delays Nintendo Switch launch

The PC version is still on target to launch this week, though

Coromon is a game that fans of Pokemon have been hoping would hit their nostalgia zones since it was announced many years ago, but just as it was all set to be released, developer Tragsoft has confirmed the Nintendo Switch version will be delayed.

Both in the Steam forums and on Twitter, the developer said it didn’t want to have to make the announcement, but wanted to be “as transparent and honest as possible” with fans.

A 'Coromon' battle in action
Coromon. Credit: TRAGsoft


The statement reads: “While working on our Nintendo Switch port of Coromon, we ran into some unexpected snags when it comes to online features and cross platform multiplayer.”

“We want to make sure that the experience we bring to you all on Switch is going to be the best that it can be, and in order to do this, we have to delay the Switch launch. We’re hopeful that this delay won’t be too terribly long, as we know that you all are very excited to play Coromon on the go and against your friends/other researchers.”

The original plan was to have cross-save compatibility between the two versions, so you could play on PC and continue on Switch if you were away from your computer. The game will still be launching on Steam on March 31, and that version will still include multiplayer and cross platform saves that will be compatible in the future.

There’s a Steam demo as well, which will allow progress to be carried to the full version of the game. Tragsoft also said that “Once we do launch on Switch you will be able to play cross platform. We can’t wait to bring Coromon to Nintendo Switch, so we are working around the clock to get it there and will update you all once we have a new release date”.

The official description of Coromon says that it’s a “refreshing take on the monster taming genre set in a charming pixel-art world. By introducing elements from the JRPG genre to the monster taming formula, Coromon becomes the best of both worlds”.


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