‘Pokémon Unite’ adding melee all-rounder Azumarill later today

Azumarill swims into action

Azumarill is the next Pokémon coming to Pokémon Unite and will be available on all platforms later today (April 7).

Announced on the Pokémon Unite YouTube channel, a brief trailer showed off the new character in action. The description of the trailer refers to Azumarill as a Melee All-Rounder. While short, the trailer did show off a couple of Azumarill’s moves that players will be able to use in battle.

One move seems to summon four swirling discs of water that act as a short-range AOE (area of effect) attack. It seems that players will still be able to do standard attacks while this move is in effect.


Also shown in the Pokémon Unite trailer is Azumarill’s move when scoring a goal. It shows the water/ fairy Pokémon using its tail to score points. The final move shown off in the trailer appears to be based on the move Aqua Jet. It shows Azumarill targeting a rival Pikachu, before rapidly approaching and slamming into it.

While the Pikachu does faint, you can briefly see stars swirling about its head. This likely means that when the move does not kill, it does cause the stunned status effect.

The Pokémon Unite Twitter account has not yet confirmed an official time for the release of Azumarill. But players can expect it to drop sometime today, April 7.

Most recently, Duraludon was added to Pokémon Unite as a playable character. Duraludon functions as a ranged attacker, as opposed to Azumarill who seems to be a close-range attacker.


In other news, Epic Games and the Lego Group are collaborating on a metaverse project designed for kids. The project is described as a “family-friendly digital experience,” though no specific details were shared on how this metaverse will manifest.

Three principles were outlined for the project though, with the two companies prioritising children’s safety, protecting their right to play and to empower children and adults with tools giving them control over their digital experience.

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