‘Pokémon Unite’ to launch in-game subscription service

The 'Pokémon Unite' Membership will give players monthly rewards

An in-game subscription service for Pokémon Unite has been announced in Japan.

Called the Pokémon Unite Membership, the scheme will give players monthly rewards for signing up for the service.

Pokémon Unite will remain free-to-play and the rewards for the monthly subscription are mostly cosmetic though members will be given two additional free trials for select Pokémon Unite Licences, allowing them to be used in certain matchmaking lobbies.


The planned rewards can be found below (via Serebii).

– A special Holowear of the month
– Two free licence trials
– Two Holoware licence trials a week
– Brand new Chat Balloons
– 10 per cent discount on Trainer Fashion (as long as the items have been out for more than one week)
– 40 free Aeos Gems every day

As a bonus for signing up, players will also get a fashion set designed around the mythical Pokémon Hoopa.

The Pokémon Unite Membership will cost 1150 Yen a month, which is roughly £7.15, though pricing outside of Japan hasn’t been officially revealed yet, nor has a launch date.

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play strategic MOBA game which takes place on Aeos Island, a mythical island said to be on the ocean’s unexplored frontier. On Aeos Island, players will find the Unite Battle Committee (UBC), which runs a series of Unite Battle tournaments.


In Unite Battles, players form teams of five and compete against each other to see who can score the most points before time runs out. Players are able to use Aeos energy to evolve Pokémon in Unite Battles.

In other news, Game Freak, the developer of the Pokémon series, has announced that it will be introducing an optional four-day workweek.

It comes after the studio revealed brand new games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet via a new trailer. Game Freak has since confirmed that these new generations of Pokémon games would be the first fully open-world titles in the series.

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