‘Portal 2’ is the first Steam Deck verified game

Now you're thinking with portals

Portal 2, a flagship title of Steam developer Valve, is the first game to become deck verified, in preparation for the launch of the Steam Deck.

Last year, Valve announced that games that run without any problems on the Steam Deck that have been manually reviewed by the company will receive the status of deck verified. Thanks to SteamDB, we know that Portal 2 is the first game to officially be declared as deck verified.

The information isn’t currently visible on the Steam store, but SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik has added a badge signifying the deck verified status on Portal 2’s SteamDB page. The information will most likely become available closer to the time of the Steam Deck’s launch.


Portal 2 was of course developed by Valve, so it’s no surprise it’s the first title to receive the deck verified status. Valve also plans to update some of their other titles like Half-Life and Dota 2 to play better on the Steam Deck. According to findings from fan group ProtonDB last month, over 80% of Steam’s top 100 games already work on the Steam Deck. But Valve also confirmed that the Steam Deck will not run every game, but they will be reviewing every game as part of providing the deck verified status.

The Steam Deck is planned to start shipping sometime in February, and Valve has promised that the handheld console won’t receive any further delays.

In other news, Stalker 2 has been delayed from April to December. “Stalker 2 is the biggest project in the history of GSC and it require thorough testing and polishing,” wrote GSC Game World in a statement announcing the delay. “We are convinced that development should take as long as necessary, especially in the case of such a project like this.”

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