‘Portal’ inspired shooter ‘Splitgate’ delayed due to popularity

The game is now aiming for an August release

1047 Games has delayed the official 1.0 launch of Splitgate delayed due to the number of players overwhelming the server capacity. 

As confirmed by the studio itself (via Twitter), the free-to-play first-person shooter that takes inspiration from Portal will now exit open beta on August 27. Originally, Splitgate was set to roll out today (July 27) but the game has experienced a huge surge in popularity in the last month with over two million downloads in the past two weeks.

This was a result of developer 1047 Games changing up the title to enable cross-play on July 13, which culminated on July 22 after the studio found out that its database can only handle 65,536 players at any one time. It’s even more impressive when you consider that Splitgate first came to the market in May 2019.


1047 Games subsequently announced that it had raised $10 million in funding to expand its development team and increase server capacity, as it looks to eradicate the issue and hit its new August release date.

The ongoing beta has been extended too with servers expected to be back online sometime later today, as the company waits for approval from all three platform holders.

With this, players will have longer to complete their beta battle pass and get the chance to test out three new maps, mouse and keyboard support, and more customisation options from today.

Splitgate is available to play in open beta across PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


Last month, Kim Swift, a designer best known for her work on Portal, joined the team at Xbox Game Studios to help with innovation and build games for its cloud infrastructure.

Shortly before that, Portal just missed out on being inducted into the World Video Game Hall Of Fame, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, StarCraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator receiving the nods instead.

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