Post-apocalyptic isometric horror ‘Death Trash’ is now in early access

More content will be added going forward

The highly anticipated Death Trash is now available on PC in early access across Steam, the Epic Games Store,, and GOG.

The cosmic-horror filled game is also currently at 10 per cent off on all stores, with the final version aiming for a 2022 release – the game is currently in early access mode due to the potential for player feedback improving the product. Developer Crafting Legends was originally solo, but has since been upscaled to a still-small team.

Mechanically, Death Trash aims to combine classic role playing games with the controls and “game feel” of titles released today.


Death Trash
Death Trash. Credit: Crafting Legends

According to the Steam page, “the game has, like other role-playing games, a certain complexity and interconnected systems and would benefit a lot from player feedback. Therefore we would like to include the community in improving this game”.

Currently the game features one chapter of the open world story campaign that the full release is shooting for. The rest of the campaign will be added over time, with the final part currently slated for release with the official launch.

“Base gameplay features like combat, stealth, multiple choice dialogue, and crafting are implemented already, but we’ll continue fine-tuning them, adding more gameplay options and improving their integration with the character stats system,” the page adds.

The whole campaign can even be played in drop-in drop-out co-op, with the second player having their own character and stats while sharing the quest progress. It’s currently only available on local co-op, with Crafting Legends considering online multiplayer in the future.


In other news, an inappropriately glitched emote has been swiftly removed from Fortnite since it went up on the store.

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