Post Malone challenges fans to an £82K ‘Magic: The Gathering’ match

One randomly-selected fan will be flown out to Los Angeles to try and beat Post Malone at his favourite card game

Post Malone will be flying a fan out to Los Angeles for a chance to win £82,209 ($100,000) – if they can beat him in a Magic: The Gathering match.

On August 5 (August 4 in the U.S) Post Malone will stream a giveaway and randomly select a viewer to participate in the tournament. The stream is scheduled for 2AM BST and can be watched via the Whatnot app.

The chosen viewer will be flown out to LA for the tournament, which will take place on August 11. There they will compete with the rapper in a one-on-one Magic: The Gathering tournament, for a shot at the £82,209 prize pool.


Post Malone. Credit: Wizards Of The Coast, Whatnot.
Post Malone. Credit: Wizards Of The Coast, Whatnot.

“I absolutely love Magic: The Gathering,” shared Post Malone ahead of the tournament’s first stream, adding that he “can’t wait” for the match.

As the tournament’s website notes, having experience in Magic: The Gathering isn’t required to compete, as coaching from Magic: The Gathering world champion Reid Duke will be offered to whoever is chosen to compete.

The tournament will be commentated by Magic: The Gathering YouTubers Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai, co-hosts of The Command Zone.

In 2021, Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards Of The Coast announced a partnership with Post Malone to coincide with the re-launch of Friday Night Magic tournaments.

magic: the gathering
Magic: The Gathering. Credit: Wizards of the Coast


At the time, Post Malone said that he was “obsessed with Magic: The Gathering,” and added that the partnership was “a dream come true” for him.

In other gaming news, Roblox has removed the game’s “oof” death sound that was so iconic, it inspired Post Malone to create a two-hour Coachella set based on the noise.

Roblox fans haven’t taken the change well, with one player claiming that “the life of Roblox has been sucked out.”

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