Powerful Railgunner class joins ‘Risk of Rain 2’ in upcoming Survivors of the Void expansion

That's a lot of damage

Hopoo Games has revealed the launch date of the upcoming Risk Of Rain 2 expansion and outlined one of the new characters: The Railgunner.

The new addition to the game is described as a specialist at long-range single-target damage. She is armed with several unique tools and mechanics to complement her potent damage.

As revealed in a Steam post and accompanying video, The Railgunner is equipped with the M99 Sniper. “Activate your long-range scope, highlighting Weak Points and transforming your weapon into a piercing 1000 per cent damage railgun,” Hopoo says.


“Unlike other survivors, the Railgunner’s attacks cannot randomly crit – when you hit one of the highlighted Weak Points through her scope you are guaranteed a Critical Strike – All Critical Strike Chance gained through items and equipment is converted into Critical Strike Damage,” the post continues.

“After firing a shot the Railgunner’s M99 Sniper mode starts an Active Reload bar – a perfect reload lets you fire your next shot sooner and also makes that shot deal an additional 500 per cent base damage.”

When players aren’t using the railgun’s scope, they will fire rapid smart rounds that home into their targets. The smart rounds aren’t especially powerful but can deal with swarms of weak enemies if they get too close.

The Railgunner is also equipped with a Concussion Device, which can be used to knock back enemies or paired with a jump to propel a player through the air.

The most powerful part of the Railgunner’s arsenal is the Supercharge special ability. Players can deal massive damage by overloading the railgun to fire a single shot that deals 4000 per cent damage and 150 per cent weak point damage. However, all railgun weapons will be disabled for five seconds once that shot is fired.


The Railgunner will be included in the Risk Of Rain 2 expansion Survivors Of The Void, which will release on Steam on March 1.

In other news, Sony is purchasing Destiny 2 developer Bungie for £2.6 billion.

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