Prime Gaming’s February games include ‘Stellaris’ and more

There's also in-game rewards for 'FIFA 22', 'Rainbow Six Extraction', 'Call Of Duty' and more

The February games for Prime Gaming have been announced, with grand strategy game Stellaris available alongside four more games, as well as in-game content for titles like FIFA 22 and more.

Announced today (January 27), Amazon has confirmed which five games will be available via Prime Gaming this month – Stellaris, Double Kick Heroes, Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, As Far As The Eye, and Golazo! Soccer League.

Paradox Interactive’s sci-fi strategy game Stellaris is one of the biggest games available this month and that’s followed by Double Kick Heroes, a game about driving down a zombie-infested highway to the rhythm of heavy metal.


Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey is a survival sim that tasks players with keeping their party alive with limited food and difficult moral dilemmas. Similarly, As Far As The Eye follows a tribe who must carefully manage their resources in a journey to the centre of the world. Finally, Golazo! Soccer League is a “dynamic arcade football game” that tries to simplify the more complicated aspects of football.

As well as those five games, there’s also in-game content for several titles available throughout the month. Some of the highlights include:

  • Rainbow Six Extraction – a Rubicon Phase Bundle that features “an exclusive headgear and uniform for all 18 operators”
  • FIFA 22 – Prime Gaming Pack 4, which includes seven Gold Rare players, two 82 OVR player picks, 12 rare consumables, and one Salah player loan.
  • Call of Duty – Circuit Board Bundle, Delicate & Deadly Bundle
  • Dead By Daylight – “Love Hurts” Outfit

In other news, the publisher of an Unpacking clone has apologised for its “lack of research” and confirmed that the copy has been pulled from mobile app stores. This follows the developer of Unpacking, Witch Beam, calling out ‘Unpacking Master‘ as an “opportunistic ad-riddled app“.

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