Pro-wrestler hordes 2700+ copies of Burger King Xbox 360 game ‘Sneak King’

Where is your God now?

In what is sure to be one of the strangest video game stories of the month, a pro-wrestler has revealed his extensive collection of a title most players won’t have heard of – Burger King’s 2006 advergameSneak King.

In a Reddit post, professional wrestler and stuntman Leroy Patterson revealed he has collected 2706 copies of the game, enough to almost take over an entire room in his house.

I have 2,706 copies of the Burger King Xbox 360 Game "Sneak King" from gaming


The incredibly niche game was originally released in 2006, available to buy for $3.99 with any purchase of any value meal at the fast-food chain. A stealth game, Sneak King saw players control Burger King’s incredibly creepy mascot – the same one seen in countless “Where is your God now?” memes – as he delivered Burger King meals to hungry people in four different levels.

Despite being a marketing stunt for the burger chain, the games were actually a huge success, with it reportedly shifting 2.7million copies. That means there are plenty of copies left in the wild for Patterson to snatch up.

Of course, the big question on many Redditors’ minds is simply: why? It’s a question Patterson has been asked so many times that he’s taken to posting a stock answer:

“If they are worth something someday, we are rich! If they are worth nothing, it’s a funny story and journey!,” the collector writes. “It had an unusual release through a fast food chain, it’s a funny game, and it makes me laugh!”

Patterson’s journey to collect multiple copies of the game began in July 2021, when he and his friend, fellow wrestler Bobby Ramos, began their quest. The pair have been charting their adventures to find copies of Sneak King – and assorted other retro video games – in a YouTube series, joined by animated mascot Sneaky.


While Sneak King was released for both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, it seems Patterson is only collecting the latter format’s release so far. If he and Ramos ever satisfy their craving for endless copies of the game, they may want to turn their attentions to the other two advergames Burger King created. PocketBike Racer and Big Bumpin’, a bumper car game, were both developed as part of the same promotion, although neither have the creep factor of skulking around as the insidious King.

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