‘Project Zomboid’ hits all-time user peak eight years after release

You can teach an old game new tricks

The Indie Stone recently released its long in production multiplayer update for Project Zomboid, which has propelled it to 30,000 concurrent users.

Project Zomboid’s recent multiplayer update has caused it to surge in popularity, despite being available on Steam for eight years and on itch.io for some time before that. According to data from SteamDB, Project Zomboid has hit 33,500 players in the last 24 hours, which is also the game’s all-time peak player count. This also caused Project Zomboid to break into the top 20 most played Steam games.

Project Zomboid has had multiplayer since its release, but it was a flawed system that needed a significant rework. A lot of development time went into improving the offline experience with new items, animations, and sprites, but multiplayer was left untouched. However, earlier this month, Project Zomboid’s multiplayer was updated with all new additions. The multiplayer has also been mostly rewritten with improvements to vehicles and zombie synchronisation across clients.


The Indie Stone wanted to release the multiplayer before the holidays, but it was released as a test build because it did not have the polish the team wanted.

“There are many smaller to medium priority issues we are aware of but don’t feel justify holding the multiplayer back,” a post on Steam says, but adds that “most of these issues” should be resolved by January. Currently, Project Zomboid only supports 16 players but will be expanded to 32, with The Indie Stone saying that “ambitions are much higher than 32.”

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