PS5 receives its first update which aims to “improve system performance”

No word on what the update fixes specifically

The PS5 has received its first post-release update, which aims to “improve system performance”.

The update for the PS5 clocks in at 868MB, and while the size is notably larger than updates seen on previous systems, no specific details to what is included has been shared. The only information is a vague description which states that the “system software update improves system performance”.

Players who already have the console, which was released earlier in select regions, will find the update available to download and install today (November 17). While other countries still awaiting the PS5’s release will be greeted with the update on day one.


It’s unclear if the update addresses any of the issues owners have reported since the console’s release. Many have reported coming across a download queue issue, which stalls downloads with no way to redownload or remove the content without completing a factory reset. Others, such as YouTuber ACG, have had their console completely die on them following a database rebuilding issue.

The PS5’s rest mode also seems to be the main culprit in causing the console to fail. Owners have found that leaving the console in rest mode – especially while Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is running in the background – will crash the system and force users into a “repair your external drive” process.

Despite the issues, Amazon has alerted customers that it will have more consoles available for sale on launch day in EU territories. On the other hand, scalpers have been selling the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for extortionate prices on eBay and other sites.

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