PS5 system update currently causing online connectivity issues

Online play is currently unavailable for games that require PS Plus

The most recent PS4 and PS5 update is causing issues for users with a PS Plus subscription on PS5.

Many users are reporting that their PS5 can’t recognise their subscription to PS Plus, or that they cannot gain access to online play that requires the subscription.

As of publication NME can confirm that booting up Elden Ring presents PS Plus subscribers connected to the internet the message “could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription,” which was initially believed to be tied to an ongoing update for the title. This doesn’t appear to be the case however, as the game was under separate maintenance.


Through testing, it looks like multiplayer games that require PS Plus currently have their online components inaccessible. For example a copy of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (owned via PS Plus) can be played, but the online multiplayer currently doesn’t work. Every tested game has had its online components made inaccessible.

PS5 DualSense Create button
Image Credit: Sony

That said, while games downloaded via a PS Plus subscription are playable, it currently appears to just be the online aspect that won’t work. Although some users are reporting that they are being asked to buy a subscription even if they currently have one active.

Games that are part of the monthly free titles or the PS Plus Collection can also still be downloaded and played at time of writing.

According to the status of the PlayStation Network services tied to gaming & social, PlayStation Now, and the PlayStation Store are all experiencing problems.

The issue of online connectivity looks to be tied to an update from today (March 23), for which a PlayStation.Blog post was published.


In other news, the late Diego Maradona has been suspended from FIFA 22 by EA, likely in relation to the ongoing legal dispute regarding his likeness.