‘PUBG’ players may be able to self-revive in next month’s update

The battle royale is also getting its own Gulag system

PUBG may be about to get a little less unforgiving with the introduction of a self-revive mechanic.

As reported in PCGamesN, dataminer PlayerIGN spotted that a new revive – or “self-pickup” – is due to come in the 12.2 update.

PlayerIGN also notes that this mechanic has been in the game files since 2018, meaning that the developer had been planning a self-revive mechanic for at least three years.


In battle royale games, players who are typically downed have to rely on a teammate to revive them. The self-revive mechanic was introduced in Call Of Duty: Warzone, where players are able to acquire a self-revive kit.

Update 12.2 is set to go live on July 7 for PC. Another major addition in the PUBG update is new map Taego, which will be an 8x8km map, as large as Miramar. This is the first 8x8km map the game has added since Miramar

The map seems to take further inspiration from Warzone, as it appears to have its own Gulag respawn system for when players die and “fight for their revival”.

For players who win their 1v1 match, they can respawn and be deployed from a Chinook helicopter.


As part of the update, PlayerIGN also noted that there is a PUBG partnership with Korean footballer Son Heung-min and a K-pop group. They speculate that this could be Blackpink and may include K-pop skins.

It was previously reported that a sequel to PUBG, tentatively titled Project RE:BORN, was scrapped but that some of its features might be coming to the original PUBG.

Elsewhere, Konami is launching a closed beta for new game Crimesight, which appears to be an anime take on Among Us.

The developers at Innersloth have recently spoken about being burnt out following the game’s success.

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