‘PUBG’ update includes an easier way to track live events

Krafton have also shared details on current PUBG events taking place

In a recent update to PUBG, developers at Krafton have added a live events page in-game to ensure that players can keep track of ongoing events.

As discussed in a recent blog post, the brand-new events page is designed to “showcase ongoing and upcoming events to participate in and earn rewards”.

As part of the events page, players will be able to browse through a new ‘event list’ to take a look at ongoing events and join them with the click of one button.


PUBG‘s events page includes event-relevant details such as which rewards are up for grabs and a mission list that players can work towards in-game. The page also features a list of current and ongoing events – as per the screenshots in the blog, players can click on each event for more details.

The PUBG events page currently showcases the El Solitario Collaboration Event, in which players can earn El Solitario skins and cosmetic items.

Also currently live is the Weapon Skin Upgrade System Update Event, which celebrates PUBG‘s recent weapon skin upgrades with an opportunity to earn Contraband Coupons which can be used to open in-game loot crates.

The El Solitario event will run until June 22, while the Weapon Skin Upgrade System Update Event will only be running until June 15.

The PUBG blog also notes that points acquired from each event will expire once the relevant event period ends, so make sure to spend any event points before they expire.


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