‘PUBG’’s next update will add a casual game mode and new weapon

New weapon and new wheels

Krafton has revealed the details of the upcoming PUBG update and survivor pass, which will launch on September 8.

PUBG’s 13.2 patch will add several new features to the game and several tweaks to the Taego map. The survivor pass, Crazy Night, will last for eight weeks instead of the usual six and will be available on PC on September 8 and consoles on September 16.

A new weapon is coming with the patch, the P90 sub-machinegun. The weapon comes with its own unique 5.7mm ammo that fits into 50-round magazines. It also comes pre-equipped with a suppressor, dual-optic, and laser sight. The P90 will only be in care packages and is the first SMG to appear in them since PUBG’s original Tommy gun.


Also included is the new casual mode, which will allow players to warm up in a less tense environment or allow new players to learn the game with a little more peace. The casual mode is limited to three matches per day and can be played solo or with a team. PUBG players can still earn XP and rewards or complete pass missions within the casual mode. The casual mode will be limited to PUBG’s original map of Erangel.

The Taego map will also receive some updates. The map has two new lighting options that will be randomly chosen when the game starts, sunset or overcast. The map also has some clearer markings to show where the playable area is.

A new vehicle is coming to Taego in the form of the map-exclusive Porter. This small pickup truck can carry four passengers and is the first vehicle to use PUBG’s new truck system. Items can be stored in the porter’s inventory to store and distribute loot easily. However, if the porter is destroyed, then all the loot goes with it.

A new throwable item is also coming in the form of the blue zone grenade. This grenade spawns a small version of PUBG’s blue zone, which deals damage over time. The zone will shrink over time and deals damage through walls and other structures.


Elsewhere, Judge Dredd appears to be coming to Call Of Duty: Warzone, according to a recent tease from Raven Software.