Publisher expects ‘Elden Ring’ to sell 4million copies in first month

The game is launching in February 2022

Bandai Namco has revealed it expects Elden Ring to sell 4million copies in its first month of release

The news came during a Q+A between Bandai Namco and investors that was translated by TwistedVoxel.

According to the publisher, “we plan to release Elden Ring in February 2022. The game has received high praise from the game industry and game fans, winning numerous awards at European game events even before its release, and is expected to sell 4million units by the end of this fiscal year.”


Elden Ring is released February 25 2022 while the end of this fiscal year is March 31, giving the game a little under five weeks to sell that many copies.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware.

The game was originally meant to be released in January but was delayed last month alongside news of a closed beta. NME’s impressions from the test were that Elden Ring is a “fascinating game, an atmospheric triumph with plenty of nooks and crannies” and one that sees developer FromSoftware “on fine form.”

The same closed tests probably helped instil some confidence in Bandai Namco about how well the title will sell, with people selling keys to the event from between $200-300 (£150-220).

That wasn’t the only rule-breaking going on around the test event either. Some players found a way to move into Elden Ring‘s restricted area but were soon attacked by a giant bear. Other players have found a novel way to beat the Flying Dragon Agheel boss, which involves tricking it into falling off a cliff.


In other news, it’s been reported that far-right extremist organisations are using gaming platforms and chat apps like Telegram and Discord to recruit young men.

Experts have called on those platforms to do more to stop the spread of hate.