‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ reveals Spillover as its first new Crisis Event

Spillover will require a "strategic and defensive" approach

Ubisoft has launched Spillover, a Crisis Event in Rainbow Six Extraction where players must survive against waves of alien attackers.

Spillover is available today (February 18) and will demand players take a “strategic and defensive” approach to the Crisis Event in order to succeed.

In Spillover, players are deployed to a map with nine Sprawl colonies scatterred across it. In order to destroy each colony, players need to activate a cannister of Dissolution Agent – though this will draw out waves of alien foes who will try and defend the point.


Once players survive the destruction of one colony, they can move on to the next and eventually try to clear the entirety of the map.

Ubisoft has announced that any players who log in during the Spillover event will be able to earn the Auto-Turret, a piece of REACT tech that can target and shoot enemy Archaeans.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. Credit: Ubisoft

The studio has also announced that alongside the launch of Spillover, Rainbow Six Siege operator Zofia will also be joining the Extraction roster. Zofia will be able to equip REACT tech to her grenade launcher, though how that feature will work remains to be seen.

Though Spillover is the first post-launch Crisis Event in Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft has said it’s the “first of many” events and updates still to come.

In NME’s preview of Spillover we found that it was incredibly difficult and felt that “aside from those who have spent the time since launch growing their CV of alien slaughter, most players simply won’t have the experience to make this work.”


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