‘Rainbow Six Siege’ cheater accused of Ubisoft Montreal swatting incident

Ubisoft Montreal employees were evacuated after a hoax hostage call in November

A French citizen, known to be a “notorious cheater” banned from Rainbow Six Siege, is suspected to be behind last November’s swatting incident at the offices of Ubisoft Montreal, according to Montreal newspaper La Presse.

Yanni Ouahioune has been banned from the online tactical shooter more than 80 times and has been harassing the studio and other players since 2017.

The November 13 incident, as reported in Reuters, saw the offices Ubisoft Montreal, the developer of Rainbow Six Siege, evacuated by police after receiving a hostage call that turned out to be a hoax.

As reported in Polygon, and citing documents filed by Montreal police and a French court, Ouahioune was also responsible for swatting the Ubisoft Montreal two more times in the next two months. These attempts failed as the police made “more discreet checks before launching a large-scale operation”.

Speaking with the newspaper, Ouahioune denied being responsible for the November swatting but admitted to attempting to have another player’s home swatted.

According to the indictment, he had also impersonated a Ubisoft Montreal staff member in a call to Ubisoft in order to get access to his banned account. Unable to do so, he threatened to “terrorize you to death,” in order to get “all the keys to R6 and […] access to commands to ban people.”

Ouahioune denied any responsibility of the recent swatting attempts directed at Ubisoft Montreal, telling the newspaper, “[I] have stopped all of my bad activities. I no longer want my mother to be disappointed.”

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