‘Rainbow Six Siege’ to introduce reputation system and penalties

Preemptive reverse friendly fire is phase one

Rainbow Six Siege is set to introduce measures to punish players who repeatedly shoot at their teammates.

The first phase of Rainbow Six Siege’s reputation system is set to launch next month (June 7) with the Operation Vector Glare update. As it stands currently, players who repeatedly injure their own teammates are at risk of reverse friendly fire (which basically reflects all friendly fire back at the instigator) however, that punishment is reset after every match.

The new update will see offending players carrying the reverse friendly fire burden for an as-of-yet unconfirmed number of matches. It will expire after “multiple matches without injuring teammates” according to game director Alex Karpazis who also called the new update “preemptive reverse friendly fire”.


“The purpose of reputation penalties is to activate when we detect that someone has abused a mechanism during several matches, in this case the reverse friendly fire,” reads the patch notes.

“It aims to better control and address certain regular abuses of Friendly Fire and reduce the frustration associated with recidivists that injure too many teammates.”

Ubisoft go on to explain that as the repeat offenders’ actions bring them closer to the penalty, they will receive a set of warnings notifying them of “how they are seen by the system and asking them to modify their playstyle.”

“If the player persists with the disruptive behaviour, the penalty will be applied. The player will be aware of the number of matches left in their penalty by signs and feedbacks in and out of the gameplay loop.”

In other news, in an exclusive preview from the upcoming documentary FPS: First Person Shooter developers at Virtus and Red Storm Entertainment have revealed why author Tom Clancy decided to get on board with a series of Rainbow Six games.

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