‘Rainbow Six Siege’ treats operators to a ‘Yakuza’ crossover

The 'Yakuza' bundle for 'Rainbow Six Siege' will introduce new skins for Echo and Hibana

Ubisoft has revealed a line of Yakuza cosmetics planned for several Japanese operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Yesterday (May 23), Rainbow Six Siege developer Ubisoft shared a new trailer for the shooter’s upcoming Yakuza crossover.

As visible in the below video, the Yakuza Bundle will transform two of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Japanese operators into characters from Sega‘s Yakuza series.


Hibana’s Sayama Bundle will turn the attacking operator into Yakuza‘s detective Kaoru Sayama, while Echo’s Kiryu Bundle will allow Echo fans to re-skin their favourite operator as Kazuma Kiryu.

Sayama is a character from the first three Yakuza games that came out between 2005 and 2009, while Kiryu is one of the Yakuza series’ most popular protagonists.

Beyond announcing a Yakuza crossover, Ubisoft has also revealed Sens, the next operator to join the Rainbow Six Siege lineup.

An attacker with one speed and three armour, Sens’ gadget is the ROU: a device that can be rolled across an area, leaving a vision-denying screen in its wake. As for weapons, Sens will be able to use a new gun called the POF-9 assault rifle, as well as the 417 DMR marksman rifle.


Sens’ sidearm options will include the SDP 9mm and Gonne 6, while the operator’s available secondary gadgets are the Hard Breach Charge and claymores.

On Sens’ available tools, a report shared by Ubisoft details the following:

“Sens’ loadout makes them a one-person army, as they can bring any of their weapons and still be ready for any eventuality. The new POF-9 assault rifle is incredibly reliable, so I understand why it might be their weapon of choice. The 417 marksman rifle is a powerful option. The SDP 9mm is a solid secondary weapon, but I saw how quickly they took to the Gonne-6. A tool like that is essential for versatility.”

In other gaming news, a MultiVerse fan has datamined the fighting game’s potential launch roster – with characters like Godzilla, Gandalf and the Joker seemingly set to make an appearance.

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