‘Rainbow Six Siege’ will stop penalizing players for besting cheaters

About time

Ubisoft has announced that it will finally stop penalizing Rainbow Six Siege players for winning against cheaters in ranked matches.

A new Twitter post from the official Rainbow Six Siege account has revealed a brand new MMR update, confirming that it will “rollback” changes it made to competitive mode two years ago (thanks, PCGamer).

The update, which is now live, will let players keep the MMR (competitive rating) they gained after defeating a banned cheater. Before the patch, the game would punish every player present in the match and remove the MMR they earned, which was a frustrating feature for competitive players.


Additionally, the Squad MMR cap has been reverted back to 1K after dropping to 700 earlier this year, meaning it will make it easier for you to play with friends who are on different skill levels.

“After examining data from the previous season and considering player feedback, we decided it was best to revert the squad MMR cap back to 1000,” the post reads.

In August, Ubisoft confirmed that it would be making changes to Siege’s competitive ladder in order to encourage players to progress further. At the time, the publisher said that the team noticed a trend where players would reach platinum rank but wouldn’t progress to diamond.

Rainbow Six Siege recently received its latest operator, Osa the first trans character to be added to the game. Simon Ducharme, a writer on Siege, said: “The decision to create a transgender character was made early on, as part of our initiative to have an inclusive roster of Operators”.


In other news, Ubisoft will crack down on AFK cheating in its competitive shooter.

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