Randy Pitchford is no longer Gearbox Software’s CEO – but will still run parent Gearbox Entertainment

Pitchford has shifted roles at the company, and is still running Gearbox Entertainment

Randy Pitchford has changed his job and title at Gearbox Software, the developer well known for the Borderlands series. 

Pitchford has gone from the subsidiary video game development arm of Gearbox to focusing his duties towards the full company, as he is also the president of Gearbox Entertainment.

Replacing him is the software arms former CTO Steve Jones, who according to Game Developer is a 22-year veteran at the company, and served as technical director on both Borderlands and Borderlands 2.


The announcement was celebrated by Pitchford on Twitter, alongside excerpts of the internal staff letter that announced the changes at the company. “As president of Gearbox Software, all production and development is now a function of Steve Jones’ leadership,” it reads.

“I will be working to develop and grow our new Gearbox Studios business unit,” adds Pitchford. “I hope, before too long, that I can construct a self-driven small team there that includes a new president of Gearbox Studios that will drive our transmedia efforts.”

Gearbox Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3. Credit: Gearbox Studios

This new media production subsidiary of the company focuses on film and television, which means that it is no doubt involved with the upcoming Borderlands movie.

“With multiple AAA projects underway,” said Pitchford in his tweet thread, “and many more in our greenlight pipeline with Gearbox Software along with a raft of great games from Gearbox Publishing and an explosive transmedia business with Gearbox Studios, we are just getting started.”


It was recently confirmed by Pitchford that another Brothers In Arms game is under development, but the game is still a ways off.

In other news, the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct has been slated for mid-October, with fans speculating the return of Brewster. After all, the Direct airs on his birthday.