‘Ready Or Not’ gets a new map and more in its second major update

The hefty update also brings two new weapons and makes certain suspects more dangerous

Ready Or Not developer Void Interactive has outlined what will be added to the tactical shooter, with a new map and more weapons on the way.

Today (March 1), Void Interactive has shared a February Content Update, which details what the studio will soon add to the game.

According to the post, Ready Or Not‘s second content update will add “two new weapons, a new test map, and melee suspects.”


The new map is called Club, while the two new weapons are the G36C and BRN-180. The G36C is a “German 5.56 assault rifle that looks way cooler without a carry handle,” while  the BRN-180 is “a modern take on the classic A-18 with its sleek charging handle.”

Ready Or Not
Ready Or Not. Credit: Void Interactive.

Beyond that, Ready Or Not players can expect their raids to be much more dangerous. Not only will suspects be able to place traps across each map, some will also pose a more direct threat by wielding a knife.

The update also adds some new ambiance, Chinese localisation, two extra music tracks, and more voice lines for suspects and civilians.

There’s also a significant amount of bug-fixing planned for this update. These fixes address issues like C2 explosives spawning inside of doors, cases of double evidence bagging in co-op, and an issue that caused CS gas to trigger traps.

The February Content Update also addresses general stability problems, and Void Interactive says it has implemented “multiple crash fixes”. These include fixes for crashes that occurred during loading screens, suspect reporting, the loadout screen and more.


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