‘Ready Or Not’ will launch in early access before the end of the year

The game is launching whether it's ready or not

Void Interactive has announced that it will be launching Ready Or Not in early access before the end of 2021.

In the vein of the SWAT series, Ready Or Not is a tactical first-person shooter that focuses on realist police and military raids. Ready Or Not has been available to purchase for some time, but only the supporter edition allowed access to a playable build, and these sold for £90. Recently, Void Entertainment allowed the community to stream and record the current build of the game, which led to a surge in purchases.

The sudden demand for keys caused an issue though, as Void Interactive explained in a post: “As you may be aware, we have been working alongside Steam to secure more game keys for the Supporter Edition of Ready or Not, but we hit a roadblock.


“While unfortunate, we hope that this will result in welcome news for many of you,” the post continued. “We can no longer generate new Steam Keys unless we also go live on Steam, and since we absolutely depend on pre-sale income to continue developing Ready or Not, we have decided to go live on Steam Early Access by the end of 2021.”

When Ready Or Not goes live on Steam, it will be launching as an early access beta. This means that players who have purchased the standard edition will finally be able to play it, which costs £30. Those who have purchased the supporter’s edition will still gain access to playtests and monthly Q&A’s with the developers.

Void Interactive was hesitant to release its game onto Steam early, but the current situation has forced the studios hand as it wrote: “To really stand out on Steam, we believe that we have a responsibility to deliver a solid product that speaks for itself. We did not want to risk launching a game that we felt wasn’t up to snuff for our audience. However, under present circumstances, we feel that the best course of action is to transition to Beta (albeit early stage), so that we are able to resume providing Supporter Packages to our backers and secure the resources necessary to continue the game’s development.”

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