‘Red Dead Online’ update will add camps and homesteads to rob

An even wilder west is planned

Red Dead Online will soon give enterprising outlaws a host of new ways to make in-game money.

Rockstar Games has detailed their next plans for Red Dead Online, the standalone multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

In a recent blog post, Rockstar discusses future gameplay additions that aim to provide players with more things to do – and extra ways to make money – in the multiplayer Western sandbox.


These additions are focused on the criminal side of the game, and will allow players to partake in a host of new missions that can involve “intimidation, unsavory crimes, or larger, high-stakes robberies.”

Players will work for Guido Martelli, who is the ‘trusted lieutenant’ of Angelo Bronte – a significant antagonist in the single-player story.

red dead online player
Red Dead Online. Credit: Rockstar

In a separate article, Rockstar mentions that this update will add the ability to rob camps and homesteads across all five states.

Rockstar has also announced that the free update will have an ‘early summer’ release date.

Fans have speculated that this update could be a step in the right direction Red Dead Online, which they feel currently doesn’t have enough things to do in the free-roam mode.


There are also hopes that this update could include long-demanded heists and train robberies, features which are available in the single-player mode but are not available online.

Red Dead Online has previously received criticism that meaningful updates are few and far between.

Last year, players banded together and dressed up as clowns to protest the content drought.

Since then, Rockstar has added updates that focus on enhancing gameplay.

In other news, ‘‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, ‘Doom Eternal’ and multiple other big games will soon be receiving Nvidia Ray Tracing and DLSS updates. 


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