‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ mod lets you play as a bartender or shepherd

Eke out an honest living with this mod

A new Red Dead Redemption 2 mod lets you play the game in a more wholesome way than you’re used to, providing players with the chance to earn an honest living as a bartender, dock worker, or deliveryman.

The PC-based Jobs Mod developed by game modder, Bolmin was first spotted by PCGamesN. It offers up the chance to be incredibly law-abiding while earning extra cash. It adds new jobs such as becoming a miner, bartender, hunter, dockworker or delivery person. The mod even offers up the chance to be a shepherd.

Designed to be far from action-packed yet oddly soothing, the jobs are similar in design to camp chores. The mod describes the tasks as something you can do to “kick back and enjoy the world or atmosphere”.


Bartending, for instance, has you cleaning glasses and preparing tables. Dock working has more cleaning as well as fishing and parking boats.

The mod is not finalised yet so the developer warns that some may be more “flashed [sic] out than others”. However, each offers “immersive elements like adjusted movement speed, quick-time events, and dynamic tasks prompts”.

The idea is that this is a very different and more low-key experience than anything else Red Dead Redemption 2 has offered. To play it, install the mod then open the game map to look for new yellow icons in the cities. Each represents a character you can speak to for a task.

In a more official capacity, Red Dead Online has enjoyed a seasonal update in time for Christmas. A range of events and weather changes are set to make the game more festive for the next few weeks.

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