‘Relicta’ is the next free game on the Epic Games Store

A free trip to space

Mighty Polygon’s first-person physics-based puzzle game Relicta will be the next free game on the Epic Games Store.

Galactic Civilizations 3 is currently free until January 20. It will then be replaced by Relicta, which will be available for no cost until January 27, as spotted by VGC.

Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game where you need to creatively combine magnetism and gravity to unravel the secrets of Chandra Base. Alone in the depths of the Moon, your scientific mind is the only thing that can keep your daughter alive,” the store page says.


“Play as a top physicist stranded on an eerie, derelict Moon base. Find your way around the enigmatic, terraformed craters by bending gravity and magnetism to your will in order to solve physical puzzles. Will you rush straight ahead and try to reach safety – or will you take your time to gather clues and unravel the intrigues of 22nd century orbital politics? Buried in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters lies a secret that might claim your daughter’s life – or change the fate of humanity forever. Are you ready to face the ultimate consequences of your research?”

Information from the Epic v. Apple lawsuit suggests that Epic Games Store is losing money on smaller indie games, and it has yet to turn a profit. This is primarily because of a minimum guarantee that Epic offers developers. Epic will pay the developer the equivalent of a certain number of sales in exchange for exclusivity, even if the game doesn’t reach that number.

In other news, Pokémon Legends: Arceus extended gameplay shares a new look at the open-world, including mechanics such as crafting. Players will have to contend with various wild Pokémon with several moods. Mild Pokémon will ignore players as they walk by; others will try and flee. Aggressive Pokémon will actively attack the player.

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