Remedy celebrates ‘Max Payne”s 20th anniversary with throwback video

"Birthdays are like regrets, they just keep coming"

Remedy has released a short video featuring Sam Lake and James McCaffrey to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Max Payne.

Remedy originally released Max Payne in 2001 on PC with Rockstar Games providing the console port. Since then, the game has had two sequels and a movie adaptation.

The video posted on YouTube and shared on Twitter features Sam Lake, writer of the first two games and creative director at Remedy. He says, “Congrats to the whole original team involved in creating it, at Remedy, not many of us left of that team. At 3D Realms, at Rockstar, the actors, everyone.”


He is also joined by James McCaffrey, the voice actor for Max in all three games, who says, “If it weren’t for all you fans by the tens of millions, it would never have become the iconic media sensation that it did and continues to be.”

The video ends with Sam Lake having rummaged through the basement of Remedy HQ and finding a box. The box contains “a familiar looking leather jacket.” At this point, McCaffrey pulls the mic closer and gives a classic Max Payne line, while Lake wears the jacket and shirt, giving the iconic Max Payne face.

Many of the comic book panels used in the original game featured photos taken of Remedy staff, friends, and family, with Lake taking the role of Max Payne. The outfit worn likely is the original that Lake used for these images 20 years ago.

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