PC player discovers how to reset ‘Resident Evil Village’ demo time limit

The hour-long demo can supposedly be reset for unlimited playthroughs

A gamer has reportedly figured out how to reset the demo timer for Resident Evil Village on PC.

The demo, which gives players the chance to explores two different areas in the upcoming game, limits players to only an hour of play. However, a player on PC has discovered a way to reset the time restriction.

According to Steam user Leaves, players will need to download the Steam Achievement Manager, deleting local save files, and remove achievements and stats. These steps will let players manually reset the timer as and when they wish to play through the demo again.


Leaves has also shared the instructions needed to make the timer reset permanent, which means players will begin with a fresh demo every time they boot up the game. Check out the list of instructions here.

The demo for Resident Evil Village was launched on May 1. It was originally set to only be available for 8 hours, but was extended by a week following players’ demands. The demo, which will now be available until May 9, combines the two previous PS5-exclusive Castle and Village levels into one 60-minute demo.

Capcom previously confirmed that the game will run in native 4K HDR in 60FPS on the PS5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia. The less powerful Xbox Series S will run the game at 1440p at 45FPS, while dropping to 30FPS with ray-tracing.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release on May 7.

In other news, it has been announced that Resident Evil Re:Verse, an online multiplayer version of Resident Evil Village, will no longer launch alongside Village as originally planned. It has now received an unspecified “Summer 2021” launch window.