Respawn’s secretive third game is still going ahead following loss of director

The AAA first-person shooter is due 2024 at the earliest

Despite the departure of Mohammad Alavi, the creative director of Respawn Entertainment‘s unannounced single-player game, the studio is apparently still going ahead with development.

The game is “a triple-A first-person shooter that is still in pretty early development,” reporter Jeff Grubb said in his latest GrubbSnax podcast (thanks PCGamesN).

Following the departure of Alavi, the team is “continuing to prototype” and is currently “looking for 2024 at the earliest, probably 2025” for release.


Grubb went on to say that is Respawn’s strategy: “This is how they make games. They prototype them for a few years. A solid block of years they spend figuring out what the game is going to look like. Right now, they have a sort of guidance of ‘triple-A, first-person shooter,’ and there’s a couple of key words: mobility and style.”

Since March 2021, Alavi was the creative director of the mystery single-player game at Respawn, which has yet to be properly announced. The game was confirmed back in July 2021, where a set of job listings from Respawn point towards a new project being under development.

Alavi announced he was leaving Respawn earlier this week, writing “today was my last day at Respawn Entertainment. It feels surreal. I’ve made games for 18 years ever only at two companies: Infinity Ward and Respawn. 11 of those years have been at Respawn, a company I helped form.

“I’ve had the fortune of working and learning from the most talented devs and helping create franchises I’m very proud of Titanfall and Apex Legends,” he continued.


In other job news, Halo Infinite multiplayer designer Patrick Wren has joined Respawn to work on a new Star Wars game.

Announcing his new role on Twitter, Wren said: “I am happy to announce that today is my first day on the Jedi team as a Senior Encounter Designer @Respawn. I am so excited to be back on Star Wars and work with this incredible team.”