‘Roblox’ comes back online after nearly three day outage

No word on what the issue was

After a nearly three-day outage, Roblox is finally back online. The cause behind the outage has not been revealed by its developers, though there’s plenty of speculation as to the cause.

Roblox Corporation explained in a Twitter post that it had “identified [the] root cause and solution,” but did not go into detail as to what the issue actually was. Instead, it went onto explain that the team is “working on getting things back online”.


In a separate post, it announced that it was “incrementally bringing regions back online”.

Earlier in the three day debacle, there were suggestions that a recent Chipotle promotion that launched 30 minutes before the failure took place was to blame, but that was quickly dismissed by the firm.

Only 24 hours into the outage, Roblox being unavailable was causing considerable stress to parents and their children. Reportedly, over half of children in the U.S. play the game.

While it may never be revealed why the game suffered issues for so long, many players are likely to be relieved that it’s back.

In recent times, Roblox has been cited as a place where many young gamers have experienced harassment. However, it’s also the home of many virtual concerts with its first-ever music festival held recently.


In other gaming news, Luigi’s Mansion Lego sets are coming next year and they look fantastic. While the three sets won’t launch until January 2022, back in September Nintendo announced another set of Mario Lego that is contained within a giant question block from the series.

However, Lego also announced that another three Super Mario-themed products are “retiring soon”, suggesting that the sets will soon be unavailable to purchase from an official source.

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