‘Roblox’ now has a ‘Stranger Things’ playable location

The level includes four mini-games based on the popular Netflix show

Roblox players can now access a Stranger Things playable location in the form of season three’s Starcourt Mall.

The Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall Experience is a new level that includes four mini-games based around the popular Netflix show’s central location in season three.

Those four mini-games include Hawkins Lab Escape, a 5 vs. 1 multiplayer, Dueling Dice (1-2 players), as well as two single-player games called Hi-Score Slingshot and Delivery Dash.


Players will also be able to complete daily quests, ascend the daily leaderboard, and earn Star Coins to exchange for brand new Stranger Things-themed avatar items.

Watch the official trailer below:

Some cosmetic rewards include a Scoops Ahoy costume, Dustin’s Hat, and Eleven’s Headgear all of which are available to obtain in Roblox now.

Roblox isn’t the only video game that has crossed over with Stranger Things. The popular asymmetrical survival horror game, Dead By Daylight, received its own themed chapter which included playable characters from the show, Nancy, Jonathan, Steve and the Demogorgon.

Most recently, it was announced that the Netflix show will be doing a cross over with the Hi-Rez’s MOBA, SMITE as well as with Magic: the Gathering.


Netflix’s Stranger Things is currently undergoing filming for Season 4 after almost two years away from the streaming service.

Meanwhile, Dead By Daylight‘s most recent Resident Evil-themed chapter saw the addition of iconic characters Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy. The chapter also lets you play as Nemesis in the Killer role as well as roam around the famous Racoon City Police Department, which is temporarily undergoing maintenance.