‘Roblox’ removes “oof” death sound that inspired a Post Malone set

Although a range of old and new sound effects will be added in the future

Roblox has removed its iconic “oof” sound effect that used to play upon the death of the player character. 

The official Roblox Twitter account made a post addressing the update: “Related to sounds, due to a licensing issue we have removed the “oof” sound from Roblox and have created a replacement default sound which launches today.” It’s also noted that the developer plans to “expand our Avatar Shop with a whole range of both old and new sounds in the future.”


The Roblox community was vocal in its response to the change, which was so popular that even Post Malone based a two-hour Coachella set off the sound effect. Popular Roblox content creator KreekCraft replied by stating “As much as this sucks, we really appreciate the transparency here. I think having the ability to choose your own avatar death sounds is a great move and I’m looking forward to it.”

Not all fans have taken it as well, however. One Twitter user responded by posting, “literally all of the life of Roblox has been sucked out and honestly its ruining the game”, in a tweet that has over 4,500 likes at the time of posting. Another stated “You are a multi million dollar company just buy the sound it’s the literal backbone of the game”, proving that this sound means a lot to the fans.

As for other Roblox updates, musician George Ezra has announced a new “immersive album-themed” event for the game, based off his recent ‘Gold Rush Kid’ album. It will launch today (July 27) with performances taking place from 5PM BST on July 29 until August 1, 7AM BST.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature a female protagonist and a Miami setting, a recent report claims.

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