‘Rocket League’ pushes back PS5 120 FPS support to September

Expect a fix early next month

A bug preventing Rocket League players from hitting 120 FPS on the PS5 will not be fixed until “Early September”.

The official Rocket League Status Twitter account has shared that while Psyonix is aware that PS5 players cannot access 120 FPS, a fix for the bug will not be ready until “Early September”.

Under the known issues segment of Rocket League‘s site, the very first issue lists:


“[PlayStation 5] Game runs at 60 FPS instead of 120 FPS despite using compatible hardware and setting client to “Performance” mode”

The studio confirmed that 120 FPS support was unavailable on the PS5 back on August 18, with a follow-up post on August 24 sharing that the feature was planned for the same day.

The team has been “working on the issue this week”, however, the issue will now remain in the game until another fix can be issued next month.

Earlier in the month, a job listing at Psyonix suggested that the studio is looking to move Rocket League to Unreal Engine 5. A member of the development team confirmed that “upgrading the technology that powers Rocket League, including a move to UE5, is something we are actively working on” but noted that the move would likely not be any time soon, as “this is a long-term project for us”.

Unreal Engine 5 is a popular tool for bringing games to life, as proven by a Bioshock fan who recently remade Rapture in the modern engine.


In other news, Bethesda’s Pete Hines has hinted that Starfield could eventually come to PlayStation. Speaking at a Gamescom 2021 livestream, Hines pointed out that games like Minecraft “didn’t just stop existing on anything” but cautioned that “certainly, there are going to be things that you’re not going to be able to play [on PlayStation]”.