Ron Perlman’s agent turned down a ‘Fallout’ mod saying the project “couldn’t ever afford him”

Franchise veterans Ron Perlman and Liam Neeson were both contacted for the mod

The team behind Fallout 4’s upcoming fan-developed Fallout: London mod attempted to get both Ron Perlman and Liam Neeson involved in the project, but they turned it down.

Fallout: London’s lead producer Dean Carter told NME that both actors’ agents were contacted about potentially getting involved, but that both opportunities fell through.

Ron Perlman has lent his voice to every game in the series, but is best known for voicing the opening narration to each title, apart from Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. When the mod team contacted him to potentially reprise this role, his agent said they “couldn’t ever afford him.”


Carter said the team contacted Liam Neeson’s agent to get him in the mod as well, but not as his character from Fallout 3. “He just said he wasn’t interested in the series anymore,” Carter explained. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Fallout London mod

Whilst Perlman and Neeson aren’t involved with the mod, multiple actors who have previously portrayed the titular Doctor in Doctor Who are, as sixth Doctor Colin Baker and seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy both take on the role of mysterious scientists.

The mod is being developed by a dedicated group of volunteers, and it includes original quests, locations, voice acting, factions and characters built in the Fallout 4 engine. Set in London after the Great War that plunged the world into the post-apocalypse, multiple factions are now vying for control of the city of London.

More information about Fallout: London can be found on the mod’s website and YouTube channel. NME also learned more about London‘s factions, transport and characters in an interview with Carter that can be found here.

In other news, BioShock: The Collection is currently free on the Epic Games Store.


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