Rumoured ‘Twisted Metal’ reboot may have already switched developers

A 'Twisted Metal' reboot is still unannounced

Lucid Games has reportedly been removed from the as-yet unannounced Twisted Metal reboot, as Sony is rumoured to have handed development of the supposed game to an unnamed first-party studio.

It was reported last year that a new game in the Twisted Metal series was in development at Lucid Studios, the team behind Destruction AllStars. It would be the first game the series has had in over a decade. VGC reported that the revival would be built around a free-to-play model, as Destruction AllStars made a last-minute transition to become a PlayStation Plus title instead of a premium release.

While the Twisted Metal reboot had reportedly started development at Lucid Games, it appears that it will be finished elsewhere. In a follow-up report from VGC, Sony has moved the series’ revival to a currently unnamed first-party studio in Europe.


Sony has not yet announced a new game in the Twisted Metal series and has made no public announcement about the developer change. However, it appears that Sony is still intending to release the game in line with an upcoming TV adaptation of the Twisted Metal series, which is set for 2023.

VGC suggested that the change in developer could be as a result of poor reception to Destruction AllStars. The game was originally planned to be a full price PS5 launch game, but Sony delayed its release and announced it would be free on PlayStation Plus for two months instead. When it did release it was priced at £17.99. However, the game struggled on launch and later had to add AI drivers to fill player lobbies.

In other news, Take-Two Interactive is reportedly still looking for further acquisitions after it added mobile gaming giant Zynga to its portfolio earlier today. “In terms of your question regarding ongoing acquisitions, that’s still something that will be of interest to us,” Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said in an investor call, following the Zynga deal.

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