‘RuneScape’ inspired ‘Melvor Idle’ leaves early access

RuneScape in its purest form

Games By Malcs and Jagex’s Runescape inspired Melvor Idle has left early access as the game reaches its 1.0 launch.

Described as a “RuneScape-inspired experience suitable for veterans of the franchise and newcomers alike,” Melvor Idle has gone live with its full launch. The game is available to try for free on Android and iOS, where an in-app purchase can upgrade to the full version. A paid only version is also available on Steam for £7.19.

“Players will find an in-depth and endless combat system featuring eight dedicated skills, countless dungeons, bosses to vanquish and lore to unearth. There is also a deep and accessible system featuring 15 non-combat skills to train, all with individual mechanics and interactions,” says a press release.


Players will also be able to share loot and experience across platforms with Melvor Idle’s cloud saving functionality. There are over 1,100 items to discover and more than 40 pets to collect.

Brendan Malcolm, Games by Malcs founder and the creator of Melvor Idle, said: “It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but I am very happy to be able to announce the full launch of Melvor Idle! V1.0 adds so much of the content that the community has been clamouring for and we look forward to seeing them enjoy the new astrology skill and particularly the end-game boss.”

He adds that “the support that Jagex has been able to provide with creative services and localisation in particular has been instrumental in helping us complete our vision for the game – making it available to the widest possible global audience.”

Though Melvor Idle has reached its 1.0 full release and has left early access, this does not mean the end of development. Three expansions are planned to ensure players have content to look forward to.


In other news, playing Age Of Empires 4 will count towards a university history credit starting next year.

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